11 March 2007

"The software has been successfully installed"

So I feared before that I wouldn't be able to easily install Python 2.5 on my Mac (10.4.8).

I had been using this url to get my python 2.5 installer:

But of course, that's the wrong url. If I use this one, then I actually make progress:

Hurrah. Time to go ask for some fixes and then get myself pygame.

You might think to yourself, why didn't he just verify the files? Well dmg files seem to do their own kind of verification, but I also checked the md5sums:

$ md5sum -v python-2.5-macosx.dmg ../python-2.5-macosx.dmg
9ea85494251357970d83a023658fddc7 python-2.5-macosx.dmg
9ea85494251357970d83a023658fddc7 ../python-2.5-macosx.dmg

I don't need to tell you which is which, they're identical! (And they are the same as the posted md5sums.) Don't know how that happened.

[edit:verify, linkify]

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